If you are resident in Milton Keynes, have a disability and need adaptations or equipment for your home, you may be able to have equipment provided to you (on loan). You will need a community care assessment to find out what equipment can be provided free of charge. You can request a community care assessment by contacting Milton Keynes social services.

Alternatively, you can complete a self-assessment of your needs via Millbrook Healthcare’s online assessment tool for Milton Keynes residents.

Assessment contact

The range of equipment on loan will be limited and you may be unsure what is the most suitable for your needs.

We have a range of equipment on display for you to try. We are happy to discuss your equipment needs and help you choose the equipment that suits your lifestyle. You do not need to purchase anything via our service.

We only have one item for sale. Radar Keys are available to buy for £3. Please contact or visit the office for more details.

Alternatively, you can research equipment on a number of websites listed below:

Home adaptions:

Accessible ramps

Visual & Audio (including dual-sensory)

Specialist Seating


Accessible phones

Accessible Kitchen Equipment

Accessible Bathroom Equipment

Accessible Swimming & Beach Equipment

Sensory Equipment

Accessible Computer Equipment

Adapted Travel

Walking Aids

Power Wheelchairs

Accessible Car Equipment

Accessible Leisure

Accessible gardening

Accessible Playground equipment

Work adjustments

Access to Work

Job Websites: Evenbreak, Disabilityjobs

For equipment videos head to our Youtube channel. You can also check out equipment reviews at websites like Review Mobility

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