DAG (Disability Advisory Group)

Disability Advisory Group (DAG) is a group that meets to discuss the main issues that people with disability face in Milton Keynes.

Current members include people across the spectrum of disabilities: representing learning disabilities, physical and sensory impairment, older people, metal health, autistic spectrum, carers and the deaf community. It also includes officers from the Council as well as other local agencies.

DAG was started seven years ago to address equality and diversity issues within the disabled community. It meets four times a year in Acorn House, Central Milton Keynes and is led by two Co-Chairs.   The current Co-Chairs are Jeremy Beake, the Equality and Diversity Officer for MK Council and Ros Bloor, a profoundly deaf person.

DAG has all the normal things such as ‘Terms of Reference’, and formally works through a set agenda.  However it is led by the issues that matter to people with a disability, with relevant visitors and items at each meeting.

One meeting DAG can be discussing the Rent Review;

  • the next, the health needs of Milton Keynes
  • while the next, discussing the difficulties faced along a particular footpath.

Meetings are varied.

DAG also operates sub-groups. Current groups are actively working on

  • Transport issues for disabled people and
  • Care Act, addressing in particular accessible language and formats for printed information.

The group welcomes issues brought to it by members of the disability community, please write or email Kim Burchell kim.burchell@mkcil.org.uk , DAG Secretariat, c/o MKCIL.

Ros Bloor Co-Chair

Jeremy Beake Co-Chair




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