Mind BLMK Upcoming Events

So, Wimbledon kicked off this week and we hope the mixed bag of weather doesn’t affect play too much, but of course, the weather and lots of other factors can have a bearing on our ever-changing moods.


Perhaps you have a forthcoming blood test coming up, but have a complete fear of needles. Or you really want to join friends for a festival in the Park, but are living with a long term health condition and never quite know how you are going to wake up feeling on the day.


Led by experts, the three local #mentalhealth Talking Therapy teams can provide a shoulder of support, equipping you with lots of tools and skills to help you understand a wide range of issues:


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2 July – Needle Phobia

2 July – Stress

5 July Anxiety & Worry

6 July – Understanding & Managing Anger

7 July – Living with a Long-Term Health Condition


Each webinar is free to access, you are anonymous on the call and no camera is required.


Some personal details are required in order to take part in the event. This is to ensure that each health service performs correctly and in line with national health regulations.


For more information and to register today for each event, please visit - https://mktalkingtherapies.nhs.uk/blmk-events


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