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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

01.12.21 Contents:

• The Joy of Giving

• CASCAIDr on care cap nuance

 Closomat paediatrics webinar

 New subscriber Timo UK

• Digital tech innovations

• December 3rd – IDPWD

Philip Anderson on the joy of giving

1. The Joy of Giving

A characteristically thoughtful article for you from our ever-popular columnist Philip Anderson this week.

As we move into the full swing of Christmas preparations, he looks at the contrast between a life defined by buying and displaying ever more “stuff”, and the more effective way to increase a sense of self-worth and well-being – by giving… And giving your time and skills is even more rewarding than material gifts.

Read his article here

CASCAIDr's Belinda Schwehr on  care cap nuance

2. CASCAIDr on care cap nuance

There has been a great deal of media coverage of the cap on lifetime care fees which will be coming into effect in October 2023.

Far from being the “incredibly generous” arrangement touted by the Prime Minister, this will still mean many people, notably those in more deprived areas of the country and with more modest properties, never reach a situation where the cap has a protective effect on their savings. Though there were suggestions in the weekend press that this may be the subject of another government U-turn, given the strength of opposition from Tory backbenchers.

Beyond the shouty headlines, there is nuance, and for once, someone with understanding of the situation - CASCAIDr’s Belinda Schwehr - had an opportunity to sketch that out on a TV news programme…

Keep reading here

lessons from caring in the pandemic

3. Closomat paediatrics webinar

December 16th will see the second of Closomat’s new-style quarterly webinars, which will have a focus on paediatric conditions.

The live webinar, which will be hosted by Closomat but delivered by clinical experts from the OT Service, will cover the relationship between common conditions and the impact these have on a child’s bathroom activity.

Find out more and reserve your place

Timo UK range of plinths and  shower trolleys

4. New subscriber Timo UK

We have a great new subscriber on Independent Living! Timo UK offers a wide range of showering and changing products, durably made from high-quality materials.

Shown here is their height-adjustable wall-mounted changing plinth, which enables smooth transfers and comfortable working for carers.

Find out more about their range here

More affordable 3-D printed upper limb prosthetic

5. Digital tech innovations

The Royal Academy of Engineering has selected 15 entrepreneurs from seven different countries to join its Leaders in Innovation Fellowships Advance (LIF Advance) programme to help equip them to grow their businesses and achieve their full commercial potential.

Two in particular caught my eye: a 3-D printed upper limb prosthetic (shown here) and the VBraille keyboard, which connects with any mobile device to enable visually impaired students and others to communicate more easily.

Find out more here

December 3 -  International Day of people with disabilities

6. International Day of People with Disabilities

Every year, 3rd December marks the International Day of People With Disabilities. This year, the theme is “Fighting for rights in the post-COVID era”.

The day aims to highlight the challenges, barriers and opportunities for people who live with disabilities, in the context of a global pandemic, which has changed life for everyone on the planet.

Read more here

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