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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

13.10.21 Contents:

• CASCAIDr: social care “fantasy”

• Have your say on access

 CP: 2nd class stamps

 Biggest Baywatch ever

• Community Equipment & Home First

• Scottish Carer’s Allowance

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1. CASCAIDr: social care “fantasy”

“A halfway decent care package that actually works well for the person concerned is, I’m afraid to say, more of a fantasy at the moment than a reality.”

CASCAIDr’s founder, Belinda Schwehr, has taken to YouTube with a week’s worth of videos about the legal disaster that is the Care Act, as currently experienced by most people in need of social care support.

You can read more and watch here

Euan's guide access survey

2. Have your say on access

Euan’s Guide has launched its latest survey on disabled access around Britain.

Now in its 7th year, the Euan’s Guide Access Survey is the largest and longest running survey of its kind and is being supported by Motability Operations for the first time this year.

With all the changes in the post-lockdown world, capturing the views of disabled people on how accessibility has changed, is more important than ever. New questions about pandemic-restrictions, will provide insight about public sentiment and the impact of Covid-19 on accessibility and safety.

Read more here

CP: Second class stamps campaign

3. CP: Second class stamps

Following the huge success of their #StampOutTheGap campaign, Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub has launched their next round of ‘Second Class Citizens’ stamps.

This set features athletes living with CP. Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub is campaigning for every adult in the UK to be heard as they ask for better support and services to enable them to live their #BestLives.

Read more about the campaign here

Baywatch survey results

4. Biggest Baywatch ever

The results are in for this year’s Baywatch survey, conducted by Disabled Motoring UK.

They had the biggest response ever to the call for motorists with a disability to provide feedback on Blue Badge parking facilities. Sadly, there has been no improvement in provision and policing of parking, with the vast majority of respondents saying that local authorities are not doing enough to prevent abuse.

Read about the results here

Medequip win LLR Community equipment contract

5. Community Equipment & Home First

Community equipment specialists Medequip have been awarded a five year contract to provide an Integrated Community Equipment Loan Service (ICELS) for adults, children and young people in community, care and education settings across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

They are also involved in Home First, a programme designed to keep people out of hospital and help them to remain safe and well at home.

Find out more here

carers allowance increase in Scotland

6. Scottish Carer’s Allowance

As you probably know by now, Carer’s Allowance is rather more generous in Scotland than the other home nations.

Carer’s Allowance Supplement brings CA north of the border up to a level that is higher than Jobseeker’s Allowance. The Scottish Parliament has just voted unanimously to double the instalment paid in December.

Find the details here

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