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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

28.07.21 Contents:

• Health & Disability Green Paper

• Right to challenge care decisions

 Bermudaful Adaptions

 Young Epilepsy – The Channel

• Complete Care Shop

• Music as Therapy

Green paper on health and disability

1. Health & Disability Green Paper

The government’s new Health & Disability Green Paper is supposed to improve support for people with disabilities and long-term conditions, through both the benefits system and employment support.

The themes in the Green Paper have been chosen following consultations with individuals and organisations, and there is now a 12 week period during which you can give your opinions and suggestions.

We will have informed commentary on the Green Paper shortly. Meanwhile you can read more here

NHS admin matters

2. Right to challenge care decisions

The EHRC is launching a new inquiry into the right to challenge social care decisions.

Decisions about access to social care or support – such as a person’s entitlement to it and what kind they can access – can seriously affect the dignity and inclusion of many disabled and older adults as well as unpaid carers, and impact their ability to live the life they choose.

It is important for people to be able to challenge a decision easily, if they feel that it leaves them without the right support.

Read more here

Bermudaful adaptions range

3. Bermudaful Adaptions

fashion knitwear student with mild cerebral palsy has designed an inclusive collection to support wheelchair users and other people with disabilities.

Gemma Tyte, 22, who is studying BA Fashion Knitwear Design at Nottingham Trent University, says today’s high street brands should “think outside of the box” when it comes to inclusive fashion.

See more here

Young epilepsy launches the channel

4. Young Epilepsy – The Channel

The charity Young Epilepsy has a mission to equip young people with epilepsy with knowledge and relevant support. They have just launched The Channel.

Like a social media platform, The Channel is a place where young people can get information, advice and guidance when they want it, where they want it – and written in language they can relate to.

You can read more here

complete care shop, new Independent Living subscriber

5. Complete Care Shop

We have a new subscriber on Independent Living, helping to support our work of providing free information and advice.

Complete Care Shop has more than 9000 mobility, daily living and personal care products available to buy online. Their new “Virtual In-home Assessment” service provides a one to one consultation with an occupational therapist who can identify the most suitable products to maintain independence.

Visit their showcase page

Free training from Music as Therapy

6. Music as Therapy

Music as Therapy International is offering one UK care setting for adults with learning disabilities the opportunity to partner with them for a fully funded music training project.

During the project, a music therapist will train up to four members of staff to be able to deliver their own therapeutic music groups for the people in their care.

Read more here

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