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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

03.03.21 Contents:

• Adults with Cerebral Palsy

• Can we kill the 20m rule?

 Emergent disabled musicians

 Domestic care staff

• Last chance to influence CQC

• Latest – Subscriber Shorts

second-class treatment for adults with CP

1. Adults with Cerebral Palsy

A set of spoof 2nd class stamps has been issued by the Adult CP Hub to draw attention to the fact that people with cerebral palsy receive second-class healthcare treatment once they turn 18.

Featuring celebrities with CP such as Lee Ridley (Lost Voice Guy), Francesca Martinez and Rosie Jones, the campaign is asking for existing NICE guidelines on treatment to be adopted in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – and for the Scottish equivalent, SIGN to get on and draw some up…

Read more here

20 metre rule for disability benefits

2. Can we kill the 20m rule?

One of the changes introduced when Personal Independence Payment (PIP) replaced Disabled Living Allowance (DLA) was a significant reduction in the distance a person can walk in order to be eligible for the benefit.

Formerly 50 metres, it was reduced to 20, making many people with serious mobility issues ineligible.

With disability benefits becoming devolved, the MS Society is hoping to take this opportunity to make the Scottish government look again at eligibility criteria - which in turn could prove a catalyst for change throughout the UK.

Read more here

recruitment drive for care industry

3. Emergent disabled musicians

The winners of the 2020/21 Drake Music Emergent Commissions for early-career disabled artists have been announced.

The three winners are singer and musical self-expressionist Elle Chante (pictured here), musician and performance artist R.Dyer and neo-soul guitarist Alebdo.

They will be creating new music responding to the theme of ‘Risk’.

Carry on reading here

Research on COVID and domestic care staff

4. Domestic care staff

Ancillary or housekeeping staff in care homes – cleaners, those working in kitchens, laundries, maintenance – have been crucial during the coronavirus crisis.

But they are frequently overlooked, as attention focuses on the more conspicuous care workers.

research project at King’s College London wants to shine a light on their important contributions, and is looking to recruit participants.

More details here

draft strategy from CQC

5. Last chance to influence CQC

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) launched a consultation at the beginning of the year which closes tomorrow (4th March). So this is your last opportunity to have your say on their proposed changes to the way they regulate health and care services.

They want to become more flexible in the way they work; more nimble, with ratings published more quickly; and more responsive to people’s needs for services to be joined up across health and social care.

You can read their draft strategy and take part in the survey here

Short updates on subscribers

6. Latest – Subscriber shorts

Snippets of news from some of the lovely subscribers whose support enables Independent Living to keep going!

Stiltz Homelifts is straight into the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 at number 43, highlighting the important contribution private companies have made during the pandemic.

Terry Lifts has again achieved certification to the latest ISO management system standards, as a company providing design, development, manufacture, supply, installation, service and repair of lifting products.

Theraposture has been selected by the MS Society’s trading company as an official Affinity Partner. This enables the charity to signpost people with MS to Theraposture products at reduced prices, while every sale will generate a donation from Theraposture to the MS Society.

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