Enabling Technology- Welcome to the Enabling Technology March 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the Enabling Technology March 2021 Newsletter!

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As you will remember from a previous blog post, we are concerned about the number of previously healthy people now experiencing symptoms of Long Covid but have little or no information on what their rights are at work, what support there is for them and how to access it. We will be doing a low cost webinar to help give people that information along with a few strategies that could help while other things are being put in place. If you are interested in attending that webinar please let us know. Times, prices and dates will be announced in the next few weeks.


It’s sadly quite common for disabled people to be passed over for things. So with relief we learn that all people on the learning disability register should now be prioritised for a Covid vaccine. this is great news but many people with Learning difficulties are not registered, if you know people who fall into this category please ensure they are.


“Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise in that it can give you a creative edge.” Mark Noble believes his dyslexia has given him deeper creativity, leading him to his greatest achievement so far – displaying his art at an exhibition in Westminster. Read Mark’s story and his advice to those that have also been diagnosed with dyslexia.


All set up to do an Awareness Training today for a team who have a dyslexic colleague. We have several of these booked in over the next few weeks and they are a privilege to do.

Talking to your own PowerPoint is still strange though! We can’t wait to be able to do them in person again.


Having a disability should not be restrictive when it comes to employment. We have helped many disabled clients integrate into the workplace via training and technology. So here’s some good news: Having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t reach for the stars!


We try to keep things upbeat here as we all need a mental lift sometimes, particularly during lockdown. But this article shocked us. We’re sure you will agree that this needs investigation now:


Just a bit of fun today. We we are all working to deliver our training online at the moment I think we are all in danger of this kind of occurrence!


How many of us have tried, and failed to keep a good to do list? here are a few apps that might help!


Don’t forget – we have a huge range of assistive hardware and software available to buy online at very competitive pricing on our website. We offer free trials for most of our software, and also the services of our professional, friendly and highly experienced fully DBS checked assistive technology trainers.

We also offer Workplace Strategy Training which is highly effective in increasing productivity, particularly for Access to Work clients.

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See you next month!

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