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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

27.01.21 Contents:

• Sensory rooms in schools

• Tinnitus Awareness Week

 Discharge to Assess

 New mobile shower change trolley

• Fit kids at home

• Latest – Free hydration aids

More sensory rooms in schools

1. Sensory rooms in schools

Ten or even five years ago, it would have been difficult to find many mainstream schools championing the use of sensory rooms

But following a shift in how to manage emotional or behavioural issues, and a better understanding of mental wellbeing in children, many schools are reporting the benefits a sensory room can offer.

We have an interesting sponsored article from RISE Adaptations exploring this development.

Read more here

Tinnitus awareness week

2. Tinnitus awareness week

Tinnitus is a hidden condition, and people without it don’t really understand the huge impact it can have on someone’s life: on the ability to get a peaceful night’s sleep, to concentrate, or just to enjoy silence.

The British Tinnitus Association is asking sufferers to share their experience on social media, to help raise awareness #ThisIsMySilence

Read more here

Discharge to assess procedure

3. Discharge to Assess

Discharge to Assess or D2A is a phrase you hear increasingly, and even more so now that the NHS is trying to cope with a tsunami of COVID patients on top of everything else. So what does it mean exactly?

Read more here

If you are an OT, you can register for the free Abacus Academy webinar presenting an occupational perspective on D2A – there are two presentations, both today (27th January), with live Q&A. Sign up here

Pressalit shower change trolley

4. New mobile shower change trolley

Independent Living subscriber Pressalit has a new height adjustable Shower Change Trolley, suitable for both adult and child environments in Changing Places facilities, schools or institutions.

The trolley provides safety and comfort for both changing and assisted showering, and has a range of innovative features, including foldable safety rails on all four sides and a vertical tilt mechanism.

More details here

WheelPower kids online workout series

5. Fit kids at home

Lots of people have been struggling with fitness during the pandemic. For children with limited mobility it can be a particular challenge.

So WheelPower, the national charity for wheelchair sport, has produced 10 new free online workouts, aimed specifically at primary and secondary aged disabled children.

Five are for the younger age group and five for older children. Each has its own unique theme, meaning that every workout is different and varied.

We have more information here

Hands-free drinking systems at no charge

6. Latest – Free hydration aids

Even mild dehydration can leave you feeling short of energy and less than clearheaded. It is not unknown for people to be diagnosed with dementia when in fact what they are suffering from is a lack of water.

The Hydration Foundation is continuing to provide hands-free drinking systems at no charge to people who need one.

You can read more here

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